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Corn Mint Fritters with Lavender Peaches

These Corn Mint Fritters are a sweet twist on traditional corn fritters. It’s a bright dessert bursting with summer produce.

Corn Mint Fritters with Lavender Peaches

So my official book deadline to get everything in (photos, bio, etc) was July 1st. I waited until the very last week to schedule my author photo because I wanted to have long beach hair with a sun-kissed tan in it (or that is what I told myself when I kept putting it off). I got the photos back last week and immediately joined a gym. Sigh. My workaholic attitude may be good for my bank account but it’s sure taking a toll on my figure. As usual, I didn’t want to join the gym alone so I talked Wyatt into signing up as well. At first, I thought he was going to resist (after all, he is a stick) and whine about having to wake up early to go and I would have to point out the ‘it’s for our health’ card but he signed up without any sign of protest.

At 26, I still feel like we are playing adult. You know – that ‘adult’ you always imagined you’d grow up to be: confident, educated, stable, rich, and so put together. Wyatt giggled when they handed us our scannable passes to put on our keychains at the gym. He joked on the way home that we are ‘that couple that gets up early and heads to the gym. We are so adult these days’. I almost believed him in that moment. But then I remembered we spend all of our tiny paychecks on Indian takeout and rent and I was reminded that we are still trying to figure it all out.

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StGermainCocktailSM (8 of 10)

St. Germain Spritzer

May 12, 2016 By

This four ingredient St. Germain Spritzer cocktail takes two minutes to whip up. It’s the perfect refreshing alcoholic drink for a spring or summer evening. Before I jump into…

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